Legic Advant

System characteristics

ATC1024-MV ATC4096-MP

Total memory [Byte]

1024 4096

Memory organisation

dynamic dynamic

Data transfer

contactless contactless

Frequency range [MHz]

13,56 13,56

Baudrate [kbit/s]

up to 26,5 up to 848

Operating distance [m]; depending on reader antenna geometry

up to 0,7 up to 0,1

Write endurance [cycles]

100 000 100 000

Data retention  [years]

10 10

Compliant with ISO 14443 A

no yes

Compliant with ISO 15693

yes no

Unique serial number UID, LEGIC SafeID

yes yes

Data transfer/storage encryption (per application)

3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption AES, 3DES, LEGIC encryption

Cryptographic authentication per application [bits]

64 112

Max. No. of applications

59 127

Hardware certification

no CC EAL 4+